Surien Fourie

November 9, 2023 to January 12, 2024
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday, November 30, 7 PM

Panel Discussion: TBA


Leading up to and following the passing of her mother, artist Surien Fourie took to the canvas to make sense of her emotions. Using a personalized language of colour, form, and shape, these paintings externalize the internal experience of a woman's deep grief, and, in so doing, baring her soul through the processes of understanding it. She also interviewed several other women who too lost their mothers in similar ways at varying stages of their lives. She drew from her own experiences and that of others to create this collection. 


Surien Fourie is a marketing and communications specialist by day and a creative adventurer by night. She is passionate about self-expression through a wide range of art forms--painting, singing, photography, jewelry-making, and travel writing. Fourie is also an instructor at the AGSM's art school, where she loves to share her knowledge and see students have that eureka moment for themselves. She lives in Brandon. 


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Image: Surien Fourie, Chaos of Loss (detail).