Donate today to ensure a future informed by a vision of excellence and collaboration.  At 116 years old, the AGSM is the oldest centre for visual art in Manitoba and the largest outside of Winnipeg. We recognize and cherish our responsibility to the community to continue to generate accessible, enriching programming of the highest calibre.


This means that we: 

  • Do not charge admission to major exhibitions and events
  • Keep membership fees low
  • Program art classes on a cost-recovery basis rather than a for-profit model
  • Pay professional fees to exhibiting artists
  • Provide scholarships to youth in need
  • Offer in-kind support to our partners, neighbours, and cultural collaborators


Most importantly, every investment in the AGSM is channeled right back into our community, where we know that we make a difference. We could list studies that prove that the more art there is in a community, the more education, interaction, and connectedness there is, and the less crime, loneliness, and despair. But what is more important to us than the research is your continued faith in us. We don’t just serve you, we are you. Since 1907, when we were called the Brandon Allied Art Club, the foundation of the AGSM has been the concentrated, focused, creative energy that the artists of Westman generate when they gather to make, learn, share, and teach.


Sponsorship levels: 

“Visionary” : $5,000+ 

“Sponsor” : $1,000 - $4,999

“Supporter” : $500 - $999

“Friend” : $100 - $499

“Giver” : $1 - $99